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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Vehicle?

A common question we hear among many Central Texas car owners is: how much will it cost to repaint my vehicle?

The answer: it varies.

The total cost of a new paint job is dependent upon a number of different factors that relate to each step of the painting process.

Automotive paint jobs are a multi-phase process that involves surface preparation, primer, protecting the trim, and painting.

The products, technology, and methods employed at each stage of the re-paint process directly impact the cost. An effective paint job requires great expertise and technical skill. But don’t you worry, our body shop at Central Texas Collision Services has the expertise and the skills needed to make your vehicle look brand new again!

The Primary Steps Of An Automotive Paint Job

camper before paint job

Surface Preparation

The surface of a vehicle must be thoroughly prepped prior to repainting the body. This is a process that can include the use of specialized tools and equipment, welding and/or chemical treatments, the removal of rust, straightening panels, fixing dents, and the application of filler. Detailed surface preparation will lead to greater quality, more durable, and more expensive paint finish. 


Priming the body of a car is an important step because it provides a protective layer between the metal shell of a vehicle and the automotive paint. It is also applied in order to enhance color consistency and strengthen the resilience of the finish. Many times, when re-painting a vehicle, the primer must be applied and sanded multiple times in order to ensure a seamless refinish.

Protecting the Trim

Auto body shops utilize two different methods in order to protect the trim of a vehicle during the pre-paint process: masking and de-trimming. Masking—typically a more affordable approach—consists of using tape to cover the trim of a vehicle. De-trimming—a more labor-intensive technique– requires the removal and reinstallation of the trim during the re-paint process and is subsequently more effective and expensive.


Currently, there are two distinctive types of automotive paint products on the market: single stage paint and base coat/clear coat paint. Both products are available in most colors; however, base coat/clear coat paint products align with the latest advancements in paint technology and are used in the production of new cars. Base coat/clear coat products are more expensive because they result in deeper colors, greater shine, and stronger protection against dings, dust, and debris.

camper after the paint job

Central Texas Collision Services uses state-of-the-art automotive paint technology and equipment in order to complete flawless paintwork. If you are looking to re-paint your vehicle, our team will work with you to meet your needs and desires while staying within your budget. The skilled technicians at Central Texas Collision consider shine, luster, beauty and weather resistance and produce miraculous paint repairs.

If you are looking for the best paint and body shop in Austin, then we have you covered!

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