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How Much Does It Cost to Paint a Vehicle?

A common question we hear among many Central Texas car owners is: how much will it cost to repaint my vehicle? The answer: it varies. The total cost of a new paint job is dependent upon a number of different

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How Our Pros Match Your Original Paint

In the old days, matching paint colors was a hit-or-miss process. Paint technicians would scour the catalogs of body paint suppliers to find the original color and order the paint. For custom colors, they would manually mix paints together by hand.
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Maxon’s Tuk-A-Way Liftgate Upgrade Announcement

Here at Central Texas Collision we are liftgate enthusiasts and we are very EXCITED about the announcement that Maxon made regarding a new feature for their Standard Tuk-A-Way Liftgates 72-150 and TE-20 Series. Maxon announced that these series are new

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Food truck transformed into mobile boutique!

  Bloody Rose is the company name and hearing it does not sound like the name of a typical food truck in Austin! But hey, we have the saying, “Keep Austin Weird!” In this case, this is really not your
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ALL size body shop in Austin

From time to time, we get asked, “Do you work on SMALL vehicles?” Our answer is always a yes! We can certainly work on ANY size vehicle. We have built our body shop to take in small and large vehicles

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Call us your one stop body shop in Austin

Central Texas Collision Services is not your ordinary body shop in Austin. Why you might ask, it’s because we have something extraordinary that we offer that no other body shop in Austin does!

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Roadtrek Complete Transformation

Check out this complete transformation we just finished and see what our customer had to say about it!

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Automotive paint is meant for automotive vehicles

Why is it important to know the type of paint and method being used to apply the paint? The answer is explained below.    

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Will vehicular accidents decrease with self-driving cars?

    It’s 2016 and we still have numerous vehicle accidents occur on a daily bases. At Central Texas Collision Services, we see these vehicles all the time, it’s our business to fix them and get them back on the

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4 Facts you might not know about Bumper & Accent Colors

What if we told you that your bumper color is different from the body color? Or your trim pieces are different from the body color? You might think that sounds absurd, right? How is it possible for the bumper and

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