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Automotive paint is meant for automotive vehicles

Why is it important to know the type of paint and method being used to apply the paint? The answer is explained below.


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Here at Central Texas Collision Services, we have seen the good and bad and just the downright ugly paint jobs that look like they were done in the dark! When shopping around for the right body shop to do a paint job or auto repairs that involve painting, make sure you ask what type of paint they use and how the paint is applied.

We recently had a client bring our sister company, Austin Extreme Graphics, multiple box trucks that were just freshly painted for graphic installation. Unfortunately, the paint that was used was not automotive paint and the method they used to apply the paint was by using a roller and rolling the paint onto the truck. This is a big NO in the automotive industry. The paint had oil in it and closely resembled house paint. With rolling the paint on, this caused a bumpy texture that is not good for graphics as dirt can get underneath them and cause lifting. This combination of the paint and method used caused the initial testing of the graphics to not stick properly and the trucks had to be repainted the proper way with automotive paint in order for the graphics to adhere properly.

Automotive paint is meant for automotive vehicles. When looking for a shop, ask for the brand of paint they are using. There are many on the market, so make sure you do your research when given the brand used. Here at Central Texas Collision, we use PPG, a very profound automotive paint highly rated in the automotive industry. Listed below are key points

  1. The Primer — This bonds the paint to the body of the vehicle and works as a base so that the color of the paint comes through as intended. It assist in making sure the color that is printed is vibrant. Similar to having a nice blank white slate and painting on it.


  1. The Paint – This can be 2 or more coats depending on the color of your vehicle and the amount of exposure that area has to the elements.


  1. The Clear Coat – This is meant to protect your paint while making it shine. The coating protects from outdoor elements and prolongs the vehicle from having the paint fade or becoming oxidized.

Paint can vary from shop to shop based on the type of paint and the method use which means not all paint jobs are the same. So make sure to double check the paint being used by the shop you go to before it’s too late. We at Central Texas Collision services are here for you, so if you want to talk more about paint or are in need of body shop in Austin then give us a call.

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