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Roadtrek Complete Transformation

Check out this complete transformation we just finished and see what our customer had to say about it!


We love what we do and we love making our client’s dreams come true! Check out this client testimonial, only edited to remove the other body shops name……

“We just picked up our Roadtrek from Central Texas Collision Services. They had it for about three weeks—long enough that they did not have to hurry, but quickly enough not to inconvenience us at all. We took it there because one of the shops you recommended (insert other body shops name), could not handle the job because, they said, their paint booth is too small. In addition, they declared that the vehicle is not worth what it would cost to paint it.

To begin with, I did not much like being told what the vehicle is worth—that is for us to decide, and we feel that it was well worth protecting it from further rust. When (insert other body shops name) could not help us, I looked around the Internet for someone who could.

Central Texas Collision has an enormous paint booth that would accommodate any vehicle you can imagine; they also have one they consider to be their “small” booth which well accommodated our RV. They did a magnificent job of prepping and painting the vehicle, including hunting down the exact color that had been on my lost/stolen 240Z to use as an accent. They had a couple of terrific ideas of additional places to use this paint (the awning cover and the cover of the Continental spare tire kit) to yield a truly unique and, in our view, extremely attractive result. Because they had to remove the windshield to take care of the rust on the pillars, they installed a new windshield and gasket while they were at it. They did all of this at a price that was to the penny equal to their original estimate.

On top of that, the owner (Steve Ohlman) and the shop manager (Doug Mueller) could not possibly be nicer guys, and we had only very positive interactions with all other members of the staff with whom we had contact. I could not recommend them more highly.”

We strive ourselves on providing top quality work and providing excellent customer service. If you are in need of a new paint job or any auto repair in the Austin, Texas area, please do not hesitate to give us a call 512.295.7618.

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