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4 Facts you might not know about Bumper & Accent Colors

What if we told you that your bumper color is different from the body color? Or your trim pieces are different from the body color? You might think that sounds absurd, right? How is it possible for the bumper and trim to be a different color from the body color? Well we at Central Texas Collision Services are here to clarify this for you. See our 4 Facts you might not know about Bumper & Accent Colors listed below.

  1. Colors vary based on the substrate on which it is painted. For example, the bumper and trim can be plastic, but the body can be metal. Having these 2 different substrates, but using the same color paint can cause a slight variation due to the evaporation rate for the paint. A longer evaporation rate gives a spec pigment additional time to “float” and can darken the color. This can happen with both older and new cars.
  2. Depending on the angle and lighting available on the curved and flat surfaces, you may notice a slight color change.
  3. During the mixing process, adjustments made can create a lighter or darker color, or causing the metallic or mica elements to lay down differently.
  4. Another scenario can be that the body was painted at one factory, while other parts, such as the bumper and trim, were painted at another factory using a different paint method.




Most people haven’t noticed this as it is usually just slightly off, but next time your washing your vehicle, give it a try and see if you can spot the difference!


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