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Food truck transformed into mobile boutique!



Bloody Rose is the company name and hearing it does not sound like the name of a typical food truck in Austin! But hey, we have the saying, “Keep Austin Weird!” In this case, this is really not your typical food truck! This was a worn out, used food truck, but with lots of hard work, dedication and love, it was transformed into a marvelous mobile boutique truck showcasing extreme uniqueness and class both on the interior and exterior!


We had the great pleasure of working with the owners and founders of the Bloody Rose Boutique, Sebastian and Nikke, and would like to tell you more below about this astounding transformation.


Food truck Before- Owners, Sebastian and Nikke

Initially, Sebastian and Nikke went to another auto body repair shop in Austin who advertised food truck painting and repair services, but they informed us that they had a terrible experience with them and were actually turned away from that body shop. That body shop told them that so much body work would be needed prior to painting their food truck that they didn’t want to put their hands on it.  Basically saying that the repairs wouldn’t be worth the effort and they provided them an astronomical fee for the “needed” repairs.

In our previous blog about the transformation we did on a classic Roadtrek RV, our client had the same issue with another body shop in Austin he had initially visited. This was part of his feedback in regards to the other body shop, “To begin with, I did not much like being told what the vehicle is worth—that is for us to decide, and we feel that it was well worth protecting it from further rust. When (insert other body shops name) could not help us, I looked around the Internet for someone who could.” You can read the rest of his testimonial here

Our clients were devastated by this news, but they did not give up hope on transforming their food truck. They researched other body shops in Austin and came across our website. They also saw that we are partnered with Austin Extreme Graphics, one of Austin’s Best Print Shops and that we could provide paint and graphics for their food truck! This is EXACTLY what they needed, so they gave us a call to setup a time to have both companies look at their food truck.

Prior to stopping by, they sent photos of the truck and their design for the paint and graphics needed. Seeing the digital files, both companies felt confident that we could certainly assist in bringing their design to life!


Design sent to us for paint and graphics on food truck


When they arrived at our location, we had a representative for each company meet with them and go over color options with paint swatches and discuss graphics. When inspecting the truck, we did not see all the damage that the “other” body shop informed them of. There was just ONE minor hole that needed to be repaired in order for the paint to be done on it. After a paint swatch was chosen, Austin Extreme Graphics informed them that the prints could match the paint, they just needed to do a few test prints to match the color, but it was doable. When they left our location, we got started on the estimates from both companies for them. We then emailed them both estimates and awaited their response.

When we heard back from them, they mentioned how pleasant their visit was with us and said they wanted to move forward with both companies for their food truck paint and graphics. They said with both quotes that we provided for the food truck paint and graphics, that the overall cost was MUCH lower that what the “other” body shop quoted for the “needed” repairs and paint, not even including the cost for graphics. We then discussed scheduling and set a timeline for the process of painting and graphics.

Sebastian and Nikke worked hard on removing the existing vinyl before bringing the truck by, and we know first hand that is no easy task!


Nikke removing existing vinyl on food truck

Then the day arrived when the food truck was brought to us and left for us to get started on.We first started on repairing the hole and then prepped the entire truck for paint. Once that repair was fully done, we then moved on to the paint process which included us prepping by buffing out the old paint. When we finally made it to the stage of actually painting, this was a 2-part repeating process since the food truck final design had 2 separate paint colors.


Food truck brought to us after vinyl removal

Once completed with the food truck paint, we let the paint cure for a few days to degas before applying any graphics. Once degassed, Austin Extreme Graphics then installed all the graphics that they had produced while the truck was in the paint. They followed the layout sent but had to make a few adjustments as there was some hardware on the truck that would interfere with the graphics. They informed the client of this and discussed the best option to layout a few of the graphics. They completely agreed with our designers as they did not want any graphics to get cut off. So, Austin Extreme Graphics made a few minor changes with their approval and finished installing the graphics on the food truck.

The end result was just absolutely gorgeous and stunning! Check it out below!


After- food truck painted and graphics applied


After- food truck painted and graphics applied

We could not wait for them to see their NEW BOUTIQUE TRUCK! When they came to pick up the truck, they were just in amazement of how beautiful the truck turned out. They thanked both companies for assisting in turning their vision into reality for their boutique and we thanked them for giving us the opportunity to do so! It’s truly an honor for us to be chosen to assist in transforming vehicles into reality from our client’s vision. It is just such a rewarding process for us!


After- Sebastian and Nikke

We know that starting a new business is a lot of work and can get very hectic at certain points, but we hope this inspires you to never give up. We wanted to showcase the hard work, dedication and love that Sebastian and Nikke have been putting into their business, so check out their progress photos below! We hope that with you seeing this awesome transformation, that it will keep you motivated if you are just starting a new mobile business or if you are planning on starting a new mobile business, know that we are here to help and we certainly welcome everyone with open arms.


Sebastian sealing up a leak on roof of food truck


Let there be light!


GORGEOUS interior!

Here’s a sneak peek at a few items they will be stocking!

appearal-5 appearal-4 appearal-3 appearal-2

Want to stay in touch and see where the Bloody Rose Boutique will be, then like them on facebook here and you can see what we are up to on our facebook page here and Austin Extreme Graphics here

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