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How to find the best collision repair shop in the Austin area

There are many key points to consider when choosing a collision repair shop. Estimates can vary greatly from shop to shop. So how do you know the difference and what cost is the right one for the job? Here are some suggestions of things to consider when choosing
a collision repair shop.

Getting More Than One Estimate is OK
The best way to avoid shops charging you more than they should is to take your car to several different shops for repair quotes. Central Texas Collision Repair will review any estimates you’ve received from other shops and match them if we can.

At the same time, you shouldn’t just take the cheapest estimate. Sure you could find a shop that would do it for really cheap, but that’s most likely because there is something they are NOT doing. You don’t want more problems down the road.

Ask Around and Get a Good Referral
It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t been in a wreck, had damage to their car or needed repairs. Asking around to your friends and family on what their experiences have been with different shops in Austin will give you a realistic idea of how that shop works. Sure any shop can advertise, but word-of-mouth is just as powerful. Central Texas Collision Repair has many great referrals listed on our website. Our customers not only appreciate our outstanding workmanship on their vehicles but also our staffs genuine attentiveness to their needs.

The Right Questions to Ask
One key thing is to not go into a shop ready to just bargain down the price. Sure money is a key factor when choosing a collision repair shop, but asking the right questions will benefit you even more. Questions like “Do you stand behind your work with a warranty? And if so, how long does it last and what does it cover?” At Central Texas Collision our parts have a 12 month warranty and our labor is guaranteed for the life of the vehicle.You’ll also want to make sure the collision repair shop is certified and that their mechanics are experienced. CTCS employees are skilled technicians, and PPG Certified. The owner of Central Texas Collision, Steve Ohlman, has been in the automotive paint and collision repair business for 35 years. With Steve and his crew, you’re getting superior service and professionalism.

So in the end what it really comes down to is trusting your gut. You’ll be happier with a clean shop where the owner and mechanics actually talk to the you, the customer, in an honest straightforward manner.

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